On Blogging

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One day I’ll write about it all and today seems like a good day to start.

My life happened in the Orthodox Jewish community, where we all are the same and the Rabbis rule.

I should have baked cakes and I should have listened, but I am me and they are them and now I am free.

Everyone knows it when physical abuse breaks bones but emotional abuse breaks the spirit and souls take longer to heal.

It’s time to let some of the genies out of the bottle, so out they go. Not in any particular order, not for any specific reason, random puzzle pieces laid out on the floor.

This blog is about losers and winners, I never really know which is which and where I stand.

This blog is about war and survival, days and minutes choking to breathe.

This blog is for me, for those who became my family, and for anyone else who feels the storm at their feet and the wind in their face.