On Becoming Me

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Help me to measure the depth of the ripple
       Extending from shore out to sea
Help me to measure the strength of the pebble
      Returning those waves back to me
Help me look in the face of what seems not to be
      And see what is clear to the soul
Help me grasp in the dark while not feeling at all
      Help me sustain and nurture my soul
Help me smother the seeds and still think of the flowers
      to come out of the depths all aglow
Help me fill up with joy and shout aloud to the world
      Help me unearth what I’ve buried below
Help me weather the storm and feel with the rainbow
      Diffusing that clear sliver of light
Help me descend to the depths and return safe and sound
      Help me complete what my heart knows is right
Help me to balance when my wheels start to roll
      To run while not going to far
Help me to fly with my wings that are bent
      To reach up and connect with the star
Help me to look at myself in the eye
      To feel how to swim in the sea
Help me to laugh when the time comes for joy
      But please help me just to be me