About Faith and Folly

I was raised in the Orthodox Jewish religion  in the sheltered enclave of Lakewood New Jersey, where the world was small and the faith was strong. I went to an all-girls school: television and movies were forbidden unknowns and dreams for the future meant more of the past.

My life rolled into an abusive marriage in the heavily Orthodox community of Brooklyn New York, and when I dared to protest the walls closed around me.

I represented myself in court as I battled for sole custody, wishing for peace and fighting for survival. The odds and the people were against me, and there were many days when I thought that I would never be free.

The world of religion has swallowed my dreams, and I refuse to let it drown my children. I can not allow those bright young minds to be trapped in the schools vacant of knowledge, for although I can not give them back their childhood I am determined to give them a future.

I am one amongst many, and the mark of my journey is my determination to ease the way for the brave souls who, like me, reach for the light at the end of the tunnel.

This blog is about failure and survival, about pain and hope, but most of all, about courage and change.

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